Shelley Gautier

In 2001, Shelley Gauthier falls from her mountain bike seriously injuring her head. She spends six weeks in the coma before waking up, hemiplegic which means paralyzed from one side of her body. Ex-physiotherapist, she used her knowledge to accelerate her own rehabilitation. Always active, she makes a come back in the cycling world in 2007. Two years later, she takes part of her first international race in the tricycling division.


The ontarian performs well at the panamerican games in 2011 and participates in her first Paralympic Games in 2012. At the following Games in Rio, she takes the bronze medal home in the race against the clock. Since 2010, she hold the title of world champion both in the road race and the race against the clock divisions. Simoultaneously, she founded a foundation that promotes adapted sport to people living with a disability. The soon to be 50 year old paracyclist is also involved in multiple programs offered at the University of Toronto.

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